A Psychic Reading with Me


Your Ongoing Life Story

A reading with me focusses on the narrative of events and situations in your life. A line-up of oracle cards, as in the example above, will actually illustrate your timeline. This is the sequence of events involving you - and those yet to come in your future. When you know your future you can live your life more consciously - and put yourself on your highest path. The future that you then go away and manifest becomes not only what was predicted but that which brings you more joy, love, awareness and fulfilment.

What It’s Possible to Know

Through psychic perception, oracle cards and spirit guidance I can help you to:

● understand what happened in your past or is happening in your present

● know what the future holds in store for you

● experience greater peace and joy

● deal with a particular job or career

● move forward in love and romance.

● Improve or expand any other aspect of your life

The Right Approach for You

Each person who comes for a reading has their unique set of concerns, circumstances and desires for information. I tailor the methodology of every reading accordingly. I always use direct and all-knowing psychic perception. In addition, I will use any or all of: the oracle cards, Tarot, numerology, aura examination, spiritual channeling, Body Type evaluation and Matrix Energetics.

Ultimately, it isn’t the method that matters. It’s the information and guidance that is most beneficial, harmonising and productive for you. This individually tailored approach touches people in a most compassionate and liberating way.

Contacting Me

You can contact me by phone or by e-mail from wherever in the world you live. My Mobile Number is 00-44-7842-885501. My e-mail is destinyclemens@yahoo.com

You can arrange your reading to happen by land phone, e-mail or, best of all, 1-to-1 in person, either at a Psychic Fair or at my or your home address. Your reading will include, at your request , a full tape recording. Readings at Fairs last half an hour. Readings in private last a full hour. The price is the same! Please contact me for more details.