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New for 2023 is the publication of my book on the Matrix titled TAROT TREK - The Tarot, Star Trek & Life After The Matrix. This was seven years in the writing and researching. It distils a wide range of esoteric, spiritual, cosmic, historical and psychological information.

TAROT TREK is available to order internationally from Amazon. The book makes the venerable Marseille Tarot deck easy to understand. And it serves as a guide to the iconic TV series Star Trek.

But above all, TAROT TREK explains our global system of control and corruption and how this is giving way to a new era of creativity and freedom. The book provides much reason to be extremely positive about the future. Momentous changes are taking place - you could say that as a race our existence is UNDER CONSTRUCTION. This has nothing to do with the Deep State’s threatened ‘Great Reset’. The changes happening are being divinely ordained and delegated, all in favour of the restoration of freedom, truth and Natural Law.

I hope you find TAROT TREK as uplifting and inspiring as it was for me to research and write. Please leave a review on Amazon if you like the book. I look forward to keeping in touch with you through this website.

Clemens Brenan


After a wait of many years my book TAROT TREK is now available

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