WELCOME to the only site on the worldwide web to feature a full pictorial guide to Astrological Body Types.

I am a professional psychic with many years experience of giving people accurate information on their past, present and future. I can look into any area of a person’s life or into their fate generally. I look at or sense the aura and use direct psychic knowing, or combine this with reading the Tarot and other Oracle cards. I am also an esoteric speaker and workshop leader. On the Videos page is my recent lecture on Carl Jung and the Tarot de Marseille.

I also give presentations on the Body Types, Astro Numerology and Remote Viewing. My Sun sign, Moon sign and Rising sign are all in fire signs, making me a natural intuitive and psychic. I am also a fully experienced Reiki healer and teacher. I advocate no dogma, religion, or credo. My path is a path of joy and empowerment through self-liberation. Use your discernment with the knowledge presented here and follow your own joy.

On this site I enable you to deepen your knowledge of yourself and others by identifying Body Type. The galleries of portraits and descriptions are aimed to help you identify which of the basic 20 types of human being you or anyone else might be.

You can further enhance your self-awareness by ordering a personal Astro Numerology chart.  Based on your name and date of birth, I will send you your chart outlining your strengths, destiny trends and a map of your easiest and most fulfilling route through life.

Regarding our collective destiny, I have posted an article on the numerology of the new millennium. It links these exciting times with the prophetic vision of the movie 2001: A Space Odyssey. Also posted is the first of a series of articles on Numerology and The Centuries. Here is world history given a new dimension of meaning and fascination by the phenomenon of ‘As above, so below’.

Catch me in person for a private session of clairvoyance. In these sessions I utilize whichever psychic techniques will be most beneficial to you personally. And you may record the reading. See below for contact details.

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Come join me: magically know yourself and your life - through Psychic Reading, Numerology and Astrological Body Types

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After several years delay my book TAROT TREK is at last about to be published.

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