Saturn-Solars are elegant, highly sensitive people of refined appearance and manners. If intellectually centred, they will be blessed with great insight into abstract or creative areas such as metaphysics, philosophy, music, science or religion. Mental effort, balancing reason with intuition, will be their main route to success. Other more emotional or physical Saturn-Solars will still have a highly positive outlook, boosted by natural intelligence and great confidence in their abilities. Saturn-Solars are quite likely driven to play a leading role in some educational, creative or humanitarian field. Whatever it is, they are sure to be guided by acute vision and purpose, and driven to employ assiduous, patient investigation and reflection. With their delicate bodies, they may be of a demanding or nervous disposition, but much less diffident or aloof than the pure Saturn type. Though serious on the surface, Saturn-Solars usually turn out to be light-hearted, curious and high-spirited.

  1. • Tall and slim                        • Elongated, sharp-featured face
    • Delicate in movement          • Soft or thin voice
    • Graceful gait                        • Sensitive to their environment