Mercury-Solars are spontaneous and enthusiastic people. Compared to pure Mercuries, they are less sharply competitive, more open and childlike. Mercury-Solars live for exciting dreams and liberal values. Their personal ideals must take priority over such restrictions as long-term commitment or confinement. They readily initiate or join all kinds of ventures but always need an escape route or get-out clause. A variety of ideas, theories, influences and memories crowd their heads and result in a kaleidoscopically changeable life of the mind and spirit. They can be dilettantes who never get enough intellectual or cultural stimulation. Their life may have much about it that is non-conformist and show a love of travel and change. They may find it difficult to put down roots and settle, or to act in grounded ways. Open-mindedness, vision and spontaneity, they are blessed with, combined with a good balance of negative and positive perceptions. With their excitable, idealistic nature, they do well to guard against energy burn-out and lack of boundaries. Their voluble tongue can make for an entertaining friend but one who is erratic, flighty or unpredictable.

  1. • Medium or tall                               • Slender, agile body
    • Well-defined facial features          • Angular nose and jaw-line
    • Light, springy gait                         • Restless demeanour