Mars-Solars are lively, dynamic and baffling, something of a live wire or loose cannon. Their impulses are sudden and strong. They can be alternately optimistic and charming, or critical and raging. They can be unpredictable and ephemeral in the side they choose to take, whether in the realm of ideas, causes or groups. But once committed they will fight with stunning candour and conviction. Projects and ideals that require them to be outgoing and practical enable them to thrive and blossom. When they feel the inspiration from within, they will put incredible effort into succeeding. Though driven by passions that are usually artistic or spiritual, Mars-Solars apply themselves in no-nonsense, competitive, business-like ways. They possess compelling powers of charisma and concentration. They like to share their interests with others and will work hard to motivate them as co-workers. But if they have to go it alone, they will.

  1. • Medium or tall                           • Lean and muscular
    • Erratic and fast in movement    • Frequently shouting voice
    • Darting, fiery gaze                     • Sudden changes of mood