Lunar-Solars are petite, sensitive and child-like, gifted with feeling or flair for art and abstract ideas and for working in precision and detail. Quite introverted, they are driven by an inner life of which they are intensely aware.  Much more than pure Lunar however, they are given to radiating and sharing their passions in childlike, joyous ways. They thrive in company and environments that are stimulating or inspiring - certainly not in any way rough. They have a regular need to retreat into their own dreams and fantasies. Art, philosophy or poetry are likely to be strong interests if not talents. Their vivd interior life means that nothing satisfies them more than pursuing their unique ideas or understandings, in solitude if necessary. When able to express their creativity they are capable of high achievement. For all their other-worldliness, Lunar-Solars have the requisite diligence and practical energy to enlighten the world with their imagination.

  1. • Slender, delicate build           • Thin-textured hair
    • Pale skin                                • Attractively rounded face
    • Full cheeks, thin lips              • Small mouth and chin   

  2. • Doe-eyed look                       • Neat, refined demeanour