Jovial-Solars are physically more streamlined and mobile than pure Jovials, and if anything, even more cultured and socially aware. They have a love of everything illustrious and distinguished, which condition of life they clearly aspire to. With their immaculate manners and high-class tastes they seem made for fine living and sophistication. Despite this, they work with a passion for ever new achievement and prestige. Their apparel is sumptuous - made of the finest cloth and design. Their homes are luxuriously furnished. Their friends and close ones are nurtured by them with sensitivity and tact. With Jovial love of arts and culture allied to Solar idealism, they excel as hosts or promoters of wondrous gatherings, happenings and events. As performers themselves they will be heartfelt and gracious. As patrons they will be deeply appreciative and supportive. Jovial-Solar interests are wide and inspired, with a bias towards art, literature, ideas and spirituality. Their love of good living and the limelight can incline them to excess or over-indulgence. They need above all to avoid elitism and vanity.

  1. • Dignified bearing                   • Curved forehead
    • Full cheeks                            • Long, elegantly curved nose
    • Moderately large build           • Powerful, attractive voice
    • Broad shoulders                    • Well-developed chest