Venus-Mercury people are warm and bubbly and somewhat changeable: they alternate between relaxed sensuality and vivacious high spirits. When lively, they enjoy dressing up and playing roles and are seductive and captivating. When passive they can be mysterious and subdued. This alternating demeanour can be confusing to themselves as well as others. Generally, they are very good-looking people with an erotic and sensual fullness to their face and body. They attract admirers easily and have an enviable social life. They seem made for romance and adoration. Their feminine Venusian side attunes them to comfort and relaxation, lending them an aura of sensuality and an attractive inertia. Their zestful Mercurial side gives them the capacity to be spontaneous and entertaining. Mercury being in the ascendant, this is their direction of integration. Venus-Mercuries find it easy to form attachments, but difficult to sustain long and stable relationships.

  1. • Medium or smallish figure            • Cute-looking, attractive face
    • Sensual, seductive gaze              • Plump, rosy cheeks
    • Fleshy limbs                                 • Tendency to put on weight