Saturn-Mars people are rugged but cool high-achievers, adventurers and sportspeople. They are serious and effective as hands-on directors, managers and organizers. They excel as motivational speakers at self-development seminars. They are adept at integrating careful thinking with incisive action so that whatever they intend is usually accomplished by themselves or by others. With both Saturn and Mars being active energies, they are masculine, results-oriented people who look for achievement by brazenly motivating or cajoling and by supervising action on the spot. Strategy and brains are there, so is assertiveness. Their planning is not only ambitious for thorough and clear-cut victory or profit, but accompanied by strong action. With realistic goals and well-worked out strategy in mind, they can usually be relied upon to manage affairs and the environment for the greater good. By the same token, they are uncomfortable, uncooperative or rebellious as followers.

  1. •Fairly tall                                  • Well-developed physique
    •Handsome, manly face            • High, flat forehead
    •Strong jaw line                         • Calm, concentrated gaze