Mercury-Saturn people tend to be highly focussed and intellectual, yet able to be spontaneous and imaginative. Their eyes glow with perceptive and far-sighted vision. Their body is elegant, yet lithe in movement. They have a 'tall, dark stranger' kind of charisma that derives from their veiled motives and cunning intelligence allied to their readiness to be resourceful and versatile . With their alert, strategic and knowledgeable minds, they know how to move furtively and effectively. They plan well and act skillfully. They are both calculating and passionate about what they do. Their concentrated manner and facility with words, ideas and role-play make them people of exciting initiative. They are neither domestic nor subservient. They glow with a  mysterious type of charm that appears both sly and captivating.

  1. • Tall and slender                            • Long, straight-formed face
    • Gleaming, intelligent eyes            • Dark hair
    • Lithe, athletic body                       • Crisp, resonant voice