Mars-Jovials are beefy, strong and loud. They are stocky, rumbustuous people whose weighty, bulging bodies cry out to pack a rugby scrum or carry hods of bricks. Whatever their goals, they pursue them in self-imposing, forceful ways. With underlying Martial energy, they are instinctively purposeful and industrious. They enter a room needing to feel responsible and in control. But with Jovial energy on the ascendant, they have the instinct to be warm, generous and well-humoured, Thus an evolved Mars-Jovial is friendly and jocular and can be counted on for vigorous, caring efforts on behalf of others. Being aggressively active and influential while keeping others happy and well-provided for suits Mars-Jovials to working in farms, schools, markets, and in travel and tourism and event organising. They can handle a large and demanding workload, but need freedom to take charge and to include socialising and merry-making in or near their work.

  1. • Stocky, very thick-set build            • Large chested, large bellied

  2. • Squarish or rectangular head        • Fleshy face

  3. • Thick, muscular limbs                    • Fast moving, despite corpulence