Lunar-Venusians tend to be slow moving, self-sufficient and modestly unassuming. They concentrate well, absorbing themselves deeply in whatever they do. Periodically, they like to break routine living and sedentary ways to link with people around them. They do so in low-key, economically worded speech. They value conveying and understanding more than needs to be put into words. They are tactful and sensitive to harmony, never boorish or domineering. They have the Lunar predilection for solitary self-absorption, but with Venus on the rise, they enjoy and benefit from merging with family and close ones and lovingly caring for them. They  allow events to unfold by themselves and thus have a calming, stabilizing effect on those around them. Instead of over-excitement or reckless idealism, they favour a pleasant and peaceful co-existence that is conducive to diligent activity or calm relations. Because they tend to repress their convictions and strong feelings, they can accumulate inner tension that needs venting somehow.

  1. • Variable height, usually medium            • Fleshy face
    • Full, rounded cheeks                              • Usually slightly plump body
    • Self-effacing, passive demeanour          • Mild, soft voice