Jovial-Lunar is the combination of affable human warmth with diligent mental endeavour. Jovial-Lunars are decent, friendly and cultured, very easy to make first contact with. They have social skills, educated minds, various interests and talents, and an attraction to the arts. With Lunar energy on the ascendant, they are healthily drawn towards developing their powers of concentration, memory and learning. Typically, this draws them to become thoroughly knowledgeable in the profounder aspects of anything from literature or esoterica  to politics, law, finance or IT. At a gathering, their twin-sidedness can be seen in their combination of easy-going approachability with earnest discussion. Empty conversation will motivate them to soon withdraw or go quiet, or to inject a greater degree of gravitas. Their friendliness combined with astute detachment or attention to detail serve them well in the professions, in business, and in complex consultative or creative work.

  1. • Unathletic build                                   • Can be tall and slim or ...               
    • ... portly in body, chubby in face         • Early baldness in men           
    • Invitingly friendly demeanour              • Intelligent in conversation