Venusians are gentle, friendly and sociable - curious about everything at a surface level. They like beautiful paintings, luxurious interiors and lavish clothes and jewellery. They take a positive and tolerant view of people and events. In terms of movement, they tend to be static or sedentary, though their gait can have a lilting, dancing quality to it. Like the image of Botticelli's Venus rising from the waves, their manner conveys a languid and graceful ease. In gesture and word, they are caring and sympathetic or passively seductive. They hanker for friendship and physical closeness, along with domestic peace and comfort. A certain indolence and muddled or langorous habits can overcome their aesthetic sense and cause them to become untidy or shabby. Venusians are natural empaths - to the extent that they imitate what those around them do. Thus, they tend to live through others and are followers rather than leaders.

  1. • Oval, egg-shaped head           • Elegant, curved nose
    • Sweetly formed mouth             • Soft gaze
    • Plump or voluptuous body       • Bulky hips and thighs