Solars are the beautiful people who urge themselves to liberate others with their very presence. Who am I, they ask, not to shine my light as a child of God, brilliant, gorgeous, talented and fabulous? Indeed, Solars thrive in the public eye and seem destined for fame and popularity. Their androgynous beauty and fervent ideals endow them with a serene radiance that is attractive and magnetic. Yet they hold themselves slightly apart from others, seeming to not quite fit in with the ordinary, rough world. Theirs is a world of dreams and aspirations, art and beauty, bohemian or courtly charm and refined taste. Physically, they move nonchalantly or dancingly, with flowing ease. Embodying spirituality, romance and glamour in their being, they hypnotize audiences in the theatre, music or movies, and provide a muse for painters, photographers and designers. Solars look the youngest of the types, but tend to die the youngest. Their childlike passions can be naive. Believing they are powerful beyond measure, they push themselves beyond their bodily needs and limits, or over-repeat the same mistakes or addictions.

  1. • Moderately elongated skull             • Softly curved face
    • Puffy cheeks                                   • Clear, luminous eyes
    • Serene, slightly sad look                 • Slightly aquiline nose                       
    • Small, perfectly formed mouth        • Petite chin
    • Wide, level shoulders                      • Slender, graceful body