Saturns stand above others physically and metaphorically. With their dull, sad eyes and weary posture they come across as serious, thoughtful and gloomy. They are measured and methodical in thought and movement, always careful to live within their limits. Their concern for others and their penchant for formulating plans and strategy usually land them in high positions of leadership or influence. Here they will confidently and unilaterally direct operations, using exhaustive analysis and reflection. The more complex the matter, the more they will persevere in gathering and fitting all the necessary facts and details into a big picture, no matter how long it takes. Saturnine tastes are moderate, even ascetic. Saturns are emotionally reserved people, but honest and frank. They can be dominating and, with their rational and scientific outlook, inclined to put principles or bare logic before all else. They are most at home with other Saturns, discussing history, philosophy or the re-organisation of society.

  1. • Tall, thin and gaunt                  • Disproportionate build
    • Big bone structure                   • Indrawn chest
    • Long face                                 • Large nose and mouth
    • Squared-off chin                      • Flabby, pale, dry skin