Mercury people are dashing and childlike, built for rapid, changeable activity. They are full of spontaneous and clever ideas and perceptions. They are charming in conversation, with ready smiles and witty remarks. Their movement is 'mercurial' and impatient, gesticulating a lot to get attention and doing many things at the same time. The eyes gaze penetratingly, yet scintillate and sparkle, while the tongue captivates with lucid speech delivered in a vibrant voice. They handle facts and information adroitly, but have difficulty with unprovable theories or intuitions, which they distrust, even their own.  Essentially concerned with their own advancement, Mercurials are competitive. They hate to see anyone get a better deal or more attention than themselves. They are ideally suited to salesmanship, journalism and entertainment. They snap up opportunities eagerly and cunningly, but can be manipulative or devious.

  1. • Pointed, angular face                     • Broad, high forehead

  2. • Short or medium height                  • Streamlined body

  3. • Broad chest                                    • Triangular shaped head

  4. • Triangular shaped torso                 • Lightning fast reflexes