Martials are brave warriors built for self-assertion and combat. Even their silence has an ominous quality to it, as if they are ticking over before the next outburst. Their eyes have a fixed and fiery stare, their voice is bullishly projected. With fast-moving adrenalin, their style of action is sudden and powerful, using gestures and movement that are willful, punchy and jerky. They relish causes to fight for or to campaign against, aiming for and achieving one goal after another. Socially, they are blunt and direct, not knowing how to be insincere with niceties or flattery. Martials are energetic in work, thriving on challenge and adversity. They favour the instantly effective physical approach, which can be over-forceful. When led by another, ideally a wise Saturn, they are loyal, painstaking and disciplined. As they are impetuous and quick-tempered, they fall easily into quarrels. Having released their adrenalin they quickly forget, and their animosity turns to impulsive, selfless generosity.

  1. • Thick-set or athletic stature               • Muscular build
    • Bullet-shaped head                           • Low, sloping forehead            • Stiff, coarse hair                                • Eagle's aquiline nose             • Curled-up chin                                   • Fierce-looking eyes