Lunars are strong-willed loners who readily resist, refuse or reject. They see the faults and adversity in the world only too clearly and react by putting up a stubborn defence or shutting themselves away. They don’t mind little human interaction and tend to shun parties and social gatherings. They like dimly lit rooms and adore peace and quiet. Accordingly, they tend to live and do their best work by night. Though reclusive in society and uneasy in groups, they are sympathetic and patient in 1-to-1 situations, and as friends are long-lasting in their loyalty. They write better than they speak and excel at breaking matters down into their constituent parts. This suits them to painstaking work requiring minute attention to detail and tenacious concentration. Lunars are subject to mood swings. Their demeanour tends to be awkward, incoherent or agitated. They can become incomprehensible to others or even 'lunatic', due to their bizarre imaginations eccentrically driving them in pursuit of wild ideas or dreams.

  1. • Ungainly, frail-looking body            • Moon-shaped face
    • Thin, fair hair                                  • Pallid complexion
    • Puffy, vaguely formed features      • Up-turned nose with flared-out nostrils
    • Round, short, fat chin                     • Non-sensual, timid demeanour