Jovials are large in body and presence. Their lifestyle tends to be opulent and cultured, sometimes extravagant. With their imposing, majestic bearing and sonorous voice, they easily command attention and attract friends and followers, treating all as their family. They abhor criticism - of  themselves or others, and instead radiate goodwill and cheerfulness. Their wide range of interests, lyrical gift and visionary perspective make them eloquent teachers and public speakers. With optimism and gusto they make their own enthusiasms feel like everyone’s. They network and host superbly and have a maternal way of bringing and holding people together. What would a social gathering be like without a Jovial graciously introducing people to each other? People are the air they breathe and the material they work with. Jovials make wonderful hosts but can fall prey to vanity and a short-term interest in any one activity.

  1. • Acorn-shaped head                      • Premature hair loss
    • Squarish upper face and head     • Rounded lower face

  2. • Large mouth, full lips                    • Frank and open expression           
    • Corpulent body                             • High, bulky chest and shoulders