Earth people are dedicated to the material aspects of life. They handle their houses, gardens and pets, the washing, the cleaning and DIY with a sure sense of purpose. Working in the outdoors, on a building site or in a mechanic’s shed - these are the salt-of-the-earth occupations that fulfill them. Earth types are clumsy in social interactions but mean well, and are helpful in an abrupt, gruff way. Though ponderous, they carry their body in a confident and assured gait. Their speech is judicious, of common sense and concrete things, delivered in a take-it-or-leave-it, emphatic voice. Abstract speculation and daydreaming seem to them of no profit or usefulness. They prefer to get on with orderly action, always using common sense and a grounded, practical approach. Earth people respect tradition and reliable methods. Although action-oriented they can become over-sedentary. They suffer fools badly and can get disconcerted, angry or discouraged if efforts or results fail.

  1. • Low, flat forehead                            • Cube-like lower face
    • Short, knobly nose                           • Big, serious jaw
    • Wide, straight, tightly closed lips      • Short, thick neck
    • Thick-set, robust build                      • Seemingly immovable presence